Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Break!!

Season's Greetings!!...I'm taking a little blog enjoy the Season and spend with family.
I wish Everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas ...and a Safe and Healthy New Year!!!
Big Xmas Hugs!

Merry Christmas!!..and just a little Buddy Fun!

Twas the night before Christmas and Buddy had heard that a big jolly fellow...would be invading his turf! He'd be listening and waitin'..crouched low in his bed And if this fella was comin'..He'd wake up the dead!! Christmas eve finally came...Buddy lifted his head.. He heard bumps and grunts..and leaped out of bed. That big Guy was here.. of that was a fact! He looked jolly and friendly and carried a sack! Buddy was speechless!....he did not attack!!.. With his tail a wagglin'..he rolled on his back!! "I'm not much of a watch dog"... Little Buddy admits... but .."Woof!!".. "Santa sure gives good belly rubs..and bully bone sticks!!"