Saturday, October 31, 2009



pinky said...

Lol very cute, happy halloween to you two!

Terry said...

hahhahah just love the little doggie hun ihihihi really spooky hihihi hugs terry and happy halloween to you too hun.

silk purse said...

How adorable!~ I'm so glad to have just found your lovely blog!

I wonder if you would consider kindly doing a stranger/ a fellow blogger a favour?

- My dear mother, who was suddenly widowed two years ago when my father died from an accidental injury, was just blogging today, asking if there were any folks out there who dressed there pets up for Halloween and perhaps a had a cute little story to share about their pet?..,

If you can spare a few moments, would you kindly pop over to her blog; (incidentally, I am her daughter and we; my mom and I, Share her blog), The Plumed Pen of Lady Velvet;pop over via my blog links, and perhaps kindly introduce yourself to her.., I know that she would love to hear about your little pet and to meet new fellow bloggers..,

Many thanks in advance, should you decide to leave a wee comment for her; it would mean so much!

Cheers from Lady Velvets daughter, Silken Purse

Belas Creating Place said...

oh my goodness another funny pic of your cute.